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    Suitable for many types of strong pain

    Effective relief of muscular pain, back pain, arthritic pain, period pain, dental pain, sinus pain, tension
    headache, migraine headache, pain associated with cold & flu symptoms.

    Back Pain

    Cold and Flu Symptoms

    Period Pain


    Dental Pain

    More about Nuromol

    Long-lasting for up to 8 hours*

    With the powerful combination of 2 ingredients, Nuromol provides up to 8 hours pain relief.

    *Mehlisch et al 2010


    Fast effective pain relief

    Nuromol contains 2 active ingredients (Ibuprofen and Paracetamol) for dual action pain relief in a single tablet.

    Starts to work in 15 minutes

    Starts to be absorbed from 5 mins^ with pain relief starting from 15 minutes**

    ^Unpublished study Dewland PM et al 2008 (Sponsored by RB) **Mehlisch DR et a 2010 (sponsored by RB)

    Dual action pain relief

    Dual action formula for strong pain relief in just one tablet.

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    Fast acting, long lasting, strong pain relief