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Discover the source of the most common form of headache
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The most common headache doesn’t start in your head

Most of us know what a headache feels like. In fact, 8 out of 10 people have headaches from time to time. 

There is a widespread misconception that Nurofen should always be taken with food or milk, but there’s no firm scientific evidence for this.
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The facts on Nurofen and food

Your mum might have said that you should always take Nurofen with food to make sure it doesn’t upset your stomach. 

Earache or otitis media is a common and painful condition in young children
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What you need to hear on kids’ earaches

Earaches are just part of growing up. They can be painful for children and busy mums and dads can feel a bit stuck as how to help them.

Inflammation is your body’s natural response to injuries such as sprained ankles
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A sprained ankle can impact your life!

You may have sprained an ankle tripping up the stairs. Or hurt it while exercising at the gym. Regardless, the result is the same. It can really disrupt your day.


Understanding the common misconceptions about headaches can help you identify the most effective ways to get pain relief.
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Outsmart your headache today

So, you were working half the night, you’re running late for an important meeting and that report still isn’t finished. No wonder you have a headache. 

fever facts
Understanding Pain Children

Facts About Fever in Children For Parents

It can be scary to find your little one has a fever. Fevers are common in young children and can make them uncomfortable, but there are simple ways to control their temperature.

A woman stretches before exercise
Physical wellness

Pre Workout Stretch

Have you been feeling some new aches and pains after your run, bike ride, dance clas...

Myths vs Reality
Understanding Pain

The Myths about Colds and Flu

There are lots of myths surrounding colds and flu, separate the fact from fiction here.

Children Physical wellness

The Art of Falling out of Trees

Children are very susceptible to minor injuries in the home, from bumps and bruises to scratches and grazes. Find out the most common, and how to avoid them – and relieve them.

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