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    Aches & Pains in Chldren: Symptoms, Causes & Relief

    Aches & Pains in Children: Symptoms, Causes & Relief

    • Children’s aches and pains might sometimes be difficult for you to understand.
    • “Growing Pains” might just be the aches and discomforts of the running, jumping, and climbing (and falling off) things that growing children do.
    • Older children may be able to answer the question all parents ask at some point “Where does it hurt?”, but that can be difficult in much younger children, for example children who are teething.

    When to seek medical help

    Any baby or child who is unwell, or in moderate to severe pain, should be seen by a doctor to find out the cause of the pain. You should also seek medical advice if you are concerned about your child’s pain or unsure about the most appropriate way to help relieve their pain.

    Types of aches and pains

    • Growing pains
    • Bumps and bruises
    • Teething pains

    Frequent causes

    • These aches and pains vary in origin
    • They are either part of growing up or accidental
    • They make your child uncomfortable.
    • All of them can be treated.