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    Flu & Cold in Children: Symptoms, Causes & Relief

    Flu & Cold in Children: Symptoms, Causes & Relief

    • Cold and flu symptoms in children are the same as adults – they just experience them differently. A cold is a mild infection, and can be overcome quite painlessly.
    • Flu, on the other hand, is a more severe infection that might require medical assistance.
    • They’re caused by different groups of viruses, and vary in severity and length. Here’s how you can help your child through colds and flu:

    What to do:

    What to avoid:

    • Keep them warm.
    • Get rest and sleep.
    • Give medicine such as ibuprofen to help lower your temperature and to relieve any pains and/or aches
    • Drink enough water
    • If your child is showing symptoms of either a cold or the flu, don’t share household items like towels or mugs in the house, or anywhere else.
    • If your child is exposed to someone exhibiting symptoms, encourage them to wash their hands often.
    • Another thing to try to do is to encourage your child not to touch their eyes, mouth or nose.

    When to seek medical help

    See your doctor if your child has cold and flu symptoms and:

    • they have a medical condition
    • you are concerned for any reason
    • they are showing signs of severe illness, including poor feeding, dehydration and difficulty breathing.

    Signs and symptoms of flu:

    • Fever.
    • Chills.
    • Headaches.
    • Aching muscles.
    • Dry cough.
    • A sore throat.
    • A runny nose.
    • Feeling weak and tired.
    • Loss of appetite.

    Signs and symptoms of cold:

    • A blocked or runny nose.
    • A sore throat.
    • Headaches.
    • Muscle aches.
    • Coughs and sneezing.
    • A raised temperature (in infants more so than adults).