How do I monitor temperature remotely? (i.e.. Whilst out of Bluetooth range of the child)

Currently there is no remote monitoring feature available in the App.

How can I connect the FeverSmart™ monitor via Bluetooth?

Open the FeverSmart™ App and start pairing the monitor to the App. You will see the monitor in the App.

Can 2 people connect to the same FeverSmart™ monitor at one time?

Yes. this is possible but the temperatures shown on 2 phones can be slightly different because those phones connect to the Monitor at different moments. This means the latest temperature can be different at the point when the app on each phone refreshes the data shown. 

Can I connect 2 or more FeverSmart™ monitors to the same phone/tablet?

No. It is not possible to connect more than one FeverSmart monitor to a device (i.e. smartphone).

Do I have to re-pair the device to my smartphone every fever occasion, or does it connect automatically after the initial pairing?

If you are using the same device as your last session then you won't need to pair the Monitor again. However if you are using a new device then you will need to pair again.<

Can I close the app/run it in the background?

The App can be run in background mode, i.e. when you click on the homescreen button on your phone and go to another app OR if your phone is on sleep mode. However if you close the app down (normally by swiping up on the app screen) then this will end your FeverSmart™ session.

My Monitor doesn’t have a very long Bluetooth® range /won’t reach as far as expected.

1- Check the Base Station is within 1.5m of the Monitor being worn by the child, the Base Station boosts the Bluetooth signal from the Monitor. Note - Always ensure the Base Station is out of reach of the child.
2- Ensure that the Base Station's signal is not impeded by, for example, very thick walls/radiators as some building materials/structures can obstruct the Bluetooth signal. Therefore, move the Base Station to the best place but still in accordance with point 1 above.
3- Try moving the Base Station closer to the child and, if possible, also move your phone to a location closer to the Base Station, always ensuring the Base Station is kept out of reach of the child.
4- Try putting the phone on charge and waiting until charge is 100%
5- Try changing the 3 x AAA batteries in the Base Station
6- Check that the phone/tablet is included on the compatibility list at

What if I am an Android user experiencing disconnection issues with the app?

It may help to change your battery settings. Click here to see the instructions.