What standards has the Temperature Monitor met?

FeverSmart™ meets requirements for basic safety and essential requirements of clinical thermometers for body temperature measurement. It has been CE marked in line with the provisions of Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC) and conforms to EN 60601-1 Medical Electrical Equipment and EN ISO 80601-2-56 Medical Electrical Equipment.

Can the Monitor be used on adults?

Yes, following the same instructions for use. Care should be taken in the elderly and those who may have thinner skin at the site of application of the adhesive.

In which countries is FeverSmart™ available?

FeverSmart™ is planned to launch in many markets. Currently the product has been launched in Australia and New Zealand. The App will only be available from the App stores in these countries. However, you can use the product anywhere around the world, once downloaded.

For what age range can the Monitor be used?

From birth onwards where there is no wounded, damaged or irritated skin. Please Note: the Monitor should not to be used on babies who are premature, of low birth weight or small for gestational age.

What's the warranty on the Monitor?

The product comes with a 2 year warranty.

Why is the Monitor this shape? Can I get another shape?

The Monitor only comes in 1 shape. The shape of the Monitor is designed so that the Bluetooth® signal output is optimal whilst the temperature sensor is correctly placed within the child's armpit.

Will the adhesive leave a residue when it is removed?

The adhesive is silicone based. This material is used as it is gentle to fragile skin. The adhesive should not leave a residue on the Monitor or your child. In the rare case that residue is on the Monitor clean it with an alcohol based wipe. In the rare case that residue is on your child it can be cleaned with gentle soap and water.

If FeverSmart™ is damaged (scratched, etc.) can I still use it?

Superficial scratching/scuffing is OK. If the temperature Monitor is damaged (deep scratches, split or tears) do not use. If the charging unit is cracked do not use.

Does the device contain medication (as it comes from Nurofen)?

No, this does not contain any medicine nor is it intended to make specific medication recommendations nor diagnose or treat any disease.   If using medication to treat your child, refer to the instructions for use and if available, the patient information leaflet provided with the medicine.

Can I use the same FeverSmart™ monitor for 2 or more children? 

Yes. You can create several profiles of your children in the FeverSmart™ App and use the same FeverSmart monitor for all of them. Please make sure you open the right child profile in the App every time you want to run a temperature session as the FeverSmart™ App claculates the age of the child on the day of the temperature session to indicate a temperature level and reflect the background code.

How do I put the Monitor on without my child noticing?

Apply the adhesive to the monitor and carefully place it with the metal sensor in the armpit. Dressing your child with a thin layer of clothing will reduce the likelihood of the child noticing / wanting to remove the monitor. You can find more details in the instructions booklet.