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    Sinus Pressure and Headache

    The Most Common Headache Doesn’t Start in your Head

    Sinus pain and pressure can make you feel unwell. You might feel pain around your sinus area, but you may also feel like there is pressure around your whole head region. You may feel pressure or fullness around your eyes, cheeks and forehead.


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    Sinus pain happens when the blood vessels lining your nose and sinuses (the air-filled cavities around your nose, eyes, and cheeks) become inflamed. This can leave you feeling like there is pressure on your sinuses and can be painful too. The technical name for this condition is sinusitis.


    Sinusitis is associated with pain in the face, headache or aching teeth. The pain can intensify when you lean forward. The pain is often accompanied by other sinus symptoms, such as nasal discharge, the feeling of fullness in the ears, fatigue, and facial swelling.


    Sinusitis usually lasts for about a week, but can turn chronic and stick around for months at a time.1 You can help manage your symptoms by: 

    • Steam inhalation 
    • Comfortable-to-the-touch hot compresses held against your face 
    • Pain relief medication 

    Medications which contain ibuprofen (an analgesic with anti-inflammatory properties) and phenylephrine (a decongestant) may help relieve sinus or nasal congestion, headache, aches and pains.  


    If you are ever in any doubt please speak to your doctor or pharmacist for further advice.

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