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Pain relief from teething to Cold & Flu symptoms, so you can get back to the fun & games.​
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Aches and pains
How to Look after your Baby's Teeth
So, you’ve just gone through teething (or you’re about to) and now your baby has a brand-new tooth that needs to be looked after. You may think that your baby is too young for any sort of dental care routine but that couldn’t be further from the truth! From the moment that first, shiny tooth pops its head out into the open, dental health becomes important. Until their adult teeth come through, your child will need to rely on their milk teeth so it is very important that you begin to care for them as early as possible, beginning with a trip to the dentist
5 signs related to your child’s fever
As your baby begins to interact with the world, it is not unusual for them to get a mild fever. A fever isn’t an actual illness itself - it’s a sign of one and can be caused by many things, including a simple cold or your baby’s first vaccinations. The signs of  fever in babies can vary depending on the underlying cause, but here are some of the most common signs to look out for if you suspect your baby has a fever.
Aches and pains
Headaches in Children: Causes and ways to relieve
It’s been a long day at school and your child comes home complaining of a headache. As parents, we worry when our children complain of pain. Headaches are a common type of pain in children. Headaches can have an impact on your child’s life, causing them to miss school or other activities so it is important to understand them.
Headaches in Teenagers
With the rise of technology in recent years, children have a very different upbringing and childhood to the generations before them, and family life today is very different from a few decades ago. Whether they are doing their homework on the family computer, checking their social networking sites on their phone or playing games on their tablets, handheld devices like these are keeping our kids entertained for hours on end. But did you know these electronics could be causing them to suffer from headaches ? Looking at screens for a long time without a break could be causing eye strain, which can cause headaches. Remind your teenager to take regular breaks to rest their eyes.
Aches and pains
How to Soothe a Teething Baby
Discovering your child’s first tooth is an exciting milestone. But the feeling of achievement can soon be replaced by sleepless nights for the family as your baby goes through teething. However, there are many things you can do to help soothe your child and keep the rest of your household smiling.
Aches and pains
Your child’s sprains and strains
Bumps and bruises, cuts and grazes – they’re all a natural part of the rough and tumble of childhood. Most of the time, your child will be just fine with a plaster and lots of cuddles. A sprained wrist or a strained muscle, on the other hand, may need extra care.
Coping with your child’s first fever
While fevers are common in young children, the very first time a baby has a fever can be worrying for parents. To encourage symptomatic relief, it’s essential to be aware of the signs of fever and to know what you can do to help.
Aches and pains
How to deal with your child’s headache
Headaches are often regarded as something adults suffer from. In fact, it’s more common in children than you might think. According to studies, up to 8 percent of preschool children and about 60 to 80 per cent of teenagers experience headaches. The good news is that headaches tend to be much shorter in children than in adults.
Aches and pains
Understanding a child’s pain
Like any parent, you don’t want to see your child suffer. But unfortunately, pain is a fact of life. At one time or another, your child will experience it – whether through an accident or illness, or simply a part of growing up. But how does your child feel pain? What purpose does it serve? We’re here to help you understand your child’s pain a little better.
Cold & Flu
Your Child’s Coughs and Sore Throats
Coughs and sore throats are two of the most common childhood complaints. It’s likely that your child will get one, or both at some point. Learn more about coughs and sore throats, why your child gets them, and advice on relieving these symptoms.
Cold & Flu
Coughs In Babies And Children Causes Symptoms And Treatment
When your baby or toddler has a cough, it can be very distressing for you both. Whether it’s a tiny tickle in your little one’s throat, or a cough keeping the family up at night, it’s good to know what may be causing it and what to do about it. A cough in children is their body’s way of reacting to irritation in the airways. The cough itself is not necessarily a bad thing – it is a normal response by the body to something that it doesn’t want there, such as mucus (phlegm) or a foreign object. Coughing is an important reflex because it helps to remove the irritant from the windpipe.
Cold & Flu
Why does my child have a cold?
Catching a viral infection is very common especially during the winter months. While adults generally catch 2 to 5 colds each year, children can experience an average of 6-12 colds per year.